Monday, August 28, 2006


Wow -

Longest layover since I've last posted and I choose the worst of days to decide to post something. Worst in terms of how much time I actually have!

It's been a whirlwind and odd day - I started my career as a teacher off today, and, though there were many many hitches that I'll need to shore up, I'm alive, I'm here, and I'm ready to put up a fight for day #2 with my pair of third grade classes! On the other hand, I received news that Nickel Creek, today, have made it official that they are going on "an indefinite hiatus", or in other words, in my opinion, a breakup ala Toad the Wet Sprocket (of whom I saw 2 weeks ago!!). Normally I'd be devestated but with my own life taking precedence it seems only somehow oddly... appropriate that this happened. I'm sure it'll hit me soon enough. They're planning on touring 'till end of '07 and will break apart to explore life and other opportunities. I can't blame them but, as I felt with Toad 9 years ago, I always took for granted that they'd be around forever.

Sorry I have been astray - Life's been happening - Lots of great opportunities I've taken, a week at a visual/performing (music) arts camp is how I spent one week with some of the greatest people in the world. I spent a week in Pajaro with my staff last week next to the beautiful Pacific Ocean (though not beautiful that week). And now here I am getting ready for Day 2 of being a 3rd grade teacher. The responsibility is so great and I can't believe I'm actually doing this sometimes!

Hopefully I'll find the time to write some more. Till then, enjoy, and be merry :) and catch Nickel Creek wherever you are in the country because who knows when they'll ever come back again!

I think I'll do a photo montage of the last few months next post.