Thursday, August 02, 2007

sigur ros

I'm not sure why I put it in the title but I'm listening to a lot of this great Icelandic band and their music really speaks to how frazzled the last couple of weeks have been. I'm busy moving out of the parents' den and, as long as I've remembered, I couldn't wait for the moment - It's just a bit bittersweet of a feeling, though - I guess that's the hurdle you need to step over to move on and leap from. Moving has been great, though it is remarkably expensive how things get when you realize little things you need (that you already had provided), such as getting sheets when all you thought you needed was a bed ;-)

I also went into my new classroom today! It's so odd that I came having to come up with a mnemonic to try to memorize people's names again, just a year after doing it for the first time. It feels doubly strange that I will now be working with a person who's in my shoes from last year; a first year teacher - I guess I'll be stepping into the shoes of a friend of mine I taught with last year! Anyway, it looked daunting the amount of work I've got to do in order to get this classroom in order - Hopefully I'll take a few shortcuts and learn from mistakes last year!

Ending on a musical note -- Glen Phillips will be performing this Sunday at the Little Fox Theater in Redwood City- I don't know what else to say about him other than that he's one of the wittiest, humble, and intelligent musicians and persons in general that I've had the privilege of meeting. Check him out if you can :) I'll be there for at least part of the set (I've got an appt. with the airport, picking someone up)

Hopefully not long for another update!