Thursday, June 21, 2007

being human

What does it mean to be a human being?  Another way to phrase that question is: What is it we all share as people in the world?  That's a question that I've had a hard time wrapping around my head these last few weeks.  photo_02 I have been torn with this thought as my optimistic side of myself believes in the concept of redemption.  Although I have had the opportunity to witness and see this theory tested (and failed, in my opinion), I still am hopeful for the power of redemption.  This is not the greatest lead in, but I just wanted to comment a little on Michael Moore's latest film, Sicko, which delves a little bit into this abstract concept.  It is a great eye-opening  documentary on health care which is much less biased and more informative film than his last, F-911, and its impact should hit popular media as hard as Bowling for Columbine did years ago for gun control.   Moore poses a great question on how to gauge how a society's current state is, which is how society treats their lowest form/group in their supposed "social hierarchy" system.  It is, of course, revealed how blatantly different America treats their "scum" as opposed to those in other countries (Canada, UK, France, Cuba, as exampled).  One interesting parallel shown in the film describes the fundamental philosophy difference of France whereas "the government is afraid of the people" and in America, "the people are afraid of the government".  Throughout viewing, it is sobering to see the difference - And, for me, that isn't the hardest part - It, for me, goes back to the concept of redemption - Despite how our system of health care is, currently, will our society be able to redeem itself and find a way to not throw our poor into the streets?  Without a fundamental change in our mindset to fight for the "we" rather than the "me", it does not seem that way.  Please check out the movie if you can, I would write so much more but it would be giving it away :) 

OK I hate that I feel my writing is still very weak right now but it'll get more comprehendible as I flesh out my thought process better. 

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