Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Exit Music

This is a song from one of my favorites, Radiohead, performed by some of my favorite people. It is a Chris Berryman recording (one of the best bootleg tapers out there) and from the Various & Sundry tour (featuring Glen Phillips (my favorite songwriter), Sean & Sara Watkins (from Nickel Creek, my favorite band), and Luke Bulla (formerly from Blue Merle) of which I caught a show of just a week ago! It's haunting and chilling, especially emphasized through the fiddles and Glen's falsetto vocals in action.

Listen Here :)


Jessica said...

Lucky! they didn't come out here. But I do get to drive 3-3.5 hours to Lowell to see NC with Glen in July, so I am a happy camper.
Is Chris Berryman the one who did the recording of Jacksmith you gave me? because he is a pretty great taper.

Johnny said...

Yep! Chris is the same guy who did the Jacksmith recording - And you know what? He only had one mic set up for that recording, I recall he was furious that he didn't have two audio tracks!

paul said...

Hi, i really really would like to listen to this recording but the link doesn't work. Could you email it to me? I saw them in concert and was blown away by this cover!! My email address is "paul.kelsey@gmailREMOVETHIS.com"

make sure you delete the "REMOVETHIS" from the above address.

thanks so much!!

paul said...

pretty please!!!