Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Norah's Serenade

About five years ago I had the privilege to catch a worldly talent at the cusp of... worldwide known greatness. Five years ago I watched one of the most graceful and beautiful, yet so young, singer/pianist perform at the equally ethereal venue here in Saratoga called the Mountain Winery. It didn't matter that I was so self-conscious at the time, having lost an opportunity to take a date on a great night of music and music discovery. It didn't matter that I went with another dude amongst a sea of couples. Her gracefulness and that lovely voice just put me in a good place. And so it was last night that, just about five years later, I came back to the same venue to catch Norah yet again at the Winery. A little different setting this time around - She was not just a pianist and vocalist anymore. She was also a guitarist, both electric and acoustic. She was a whistler. I did not come with a dude this time and came with a world of comfortness about myself. But - good times, years apart, never change - Norah's as graceful and so unassuming as before - It is so refreshing to see people who don't let ... fame and public recognition change their ego or lack thereof. My only complaint out of all the positiveness last night was that the show was really short. If you've ever gone to the Mountain Winery, their curfew comes at about 10:30, but, despite an encore, her band finished far before the time and was on for just a bit over an hour. As far as setlist goes, much material was taken from the latest album, with a handful of selections from the first two. Her politically-tinged number, my dear country, was a great number that surprisingly went well with the crowd!

I'll be taking off to Spain (and Paris) tomorrow for a few weeks - Although i won't have direct internet access, I'll try to hit the cafes' at some point to catch up with the world (although maybe I shouldn't with the way the news is just so depressing?). Take care of yourselves and I'll sprinkle some photos here and there!

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